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the fire that burns II by DianaNohelova

First off i would just like to say that i love this Photograph piece. I think that the boldness of the colours in your hair is amazing ...

Rebeca (How to disappear completely) by Marie-Esther

The impact of this piece is astonishing as it really captivates you the second you see it. The effect of the two faces is really good b...

Alone by Jessica-Art

i love this piece because the message it is trying to portray comes across so well. Vision- very aesthetically pleasing, the shading of...


Good afternoon my fellow deviants.  Today i went out and bought myself a 32gb Ipad mini 2.  absolutely loving it already, just set it up and about to add a bunch of music and apps to it and enjoy fiddling around with it for the rest of the day before i go to training.  If anyone knows of any decent apps then feel free to comment and let me know.  
Greetings my friends and fellow deviants.  So we are just over one month into the new year and what a year it has been for me already.  

I started the new year off by ( Like everyone else ) Setting myself a couple of new years resolutions.  These included the mainstream stereotypical resolution of going to the gym and getting fit.  I also set myself the goal to read twenty five books throughout the year.  My last goal is to learn two songs, completely, on guitar.  

As far as the resolutions are going they are going slightly well.  I HAVE been going to the gym.  I think i am seven or eight sessions in ( i missed a week because of reasons that will be explained later) And since only YESTERDAY. Yes i'm talking about the third of February.  I have lost 3.7 kilograms in weight. I am noticing a significant difference in my figure with my muscles developing gradually and belly and chest fat being burnt away steadilly.  Dont get me wrong, theres still a lot there but i am getting more and more confidence in the way i look and feel about myself. My Diet has changed drastically.  Which is probably the biggest contributor to my weight loss as i am eating pretty much fat free meals from now on as well as eating more and more fruit and veg and even less and less junk food.  

My other resolutions havent kicked off as much as the gym.  I am still on my first book of the year and havent tackled my first guitar song yet.  

I went to a dream even last month.  I went to the Glasgow performance of Slipknot and Korn whilst Slipknot were on their "Prepare For Hell Tour".  This was my first time seeing Slipknot and Korn live and it was something that just so happened to have been on my bucket list.  The BEST thing about it was that i got Meet and Greet tickets to the performance which meant that on top of seeing my two favorite bands perform live together i also got to meet members of Slipknot.  In the end i ended up meeting Corey Taylor (Singer), Jim Root ( Lead Guitarist), Chris Fehn ( Percussion and Backing Vocals), M. Shawn. Crahan A.K.A "Clown" ( Backing Vocals and Percussion) And Sid Wilson ( DJ).  These guys are so much better in person than people think.  They love getting to know their fans and hearing what they have to say and are so down to earth that they make you feel like youre one of them.  

The concert itself was incredible with both bands playing both old and new songs and raising the roof of the venue and making the crowd go wild.  

Well guys i think thats enough rambling from me.  I know my journal entries never get any views or comments but i would love to hear from those of you who follow me and let me hear how your year is going so far and what resolutions you have set for yourself.  

HD out 
He paints his world with words and ballads.
A masquerade of what will never be
A shameful attempt to hide what is truly inside
For it never rains down on this utopia

His anger shown in screeches and screams
Brutality in it's purest form
His defiance to all he knows in subliminal volumes
His hatred shown in the shadows unveiled

A love he has never known
Shown in his desperate longing to be somebody
The fear of loss turns itself into a haunting lullaby
Little more than an unheard message to a woman forgotten

But beneath these words and hollowed out notes
He lives in fear and sorrow
Scared of the world ahead of him

Does anyone see through it
See through the mask
See the fear behind the smile
The tears behind the laughter

Of course not.
'Cause the longer you wear it
The more the mask becomes permanent
And words of fiction take tighten their hold
The Mask
The more i think about it the more it becomes clear.  Music really is just a mask that we wear and develop in order to shield our true feelings from those around us.  

Just a short piece i started working on a while ago and finished recently.  
Good Evening my fellow Deviantartists how are we this cold winters evening.  I am writing this journal entry to wish you all a very happy Holidays.  I understand that some of you may not celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons so in an attempt to value and respect those beliefs i am keeping this journal entry religiously neutral.  I myself will be spending the holidays with both sides of my family by spending Wednesday night with my dad, step-mother, little brother and grandmother whilst spending Thursday with my mum and her new partner and his son.  Unfortunately i will not be able to spend the holidays with my beloved girlfriend as she travels home to Glasgow tomorrow to be with her parents.  We did however have our own little special night last Thursday during which we had a lovely dinner, a few drinks and then exchanged presents ( which have remained unopened thus far).  Although i am a little bit distressed about not being able to spend the holidays with her i know that there will be many more times to come.  

I am very much looking forward to it all.  I have gotten my family some very nice presents as a token of my love for them.  some of which appear to be more extravagant than others.  I look forward to cherishing the look on their faces when they open them as well as spending two lovely days with the ones who i love.  

As i stated in the opening of this journal i would like to wish each and every one of you and very happy holidays.  i hope that you share some amazing moments with the ones you love and that you retain the good health and wellbeing that you have shared for the rest of this year.  I also with you all a very happy new year and that the beginning of 2015 is not only a positive one but one that opens many doors for you all, doors that lead to positive prospects and exciting endeavours.  

I will not be online much during the holiday period as i will be spending time with my friends and family but i do intend on making 2015 a more active year for my account and to publish not only some more literature pieces on here but to get back in the swing of my drawing as well.

until we speak again my friends....Farewell

HD out 
Good evening my fellow Deviantartists how are we all this fine December evening.  

Some of you may have realised that roughly six weeks ago on the second of November i posted a journal depicting my completion and success in the pre test for Tang Soo Do in order for me to go for the rank of third dan black belt.  In this previous journal i stated that i had been officially invited to test on what was in fact today, the sixth of December.  Well my friends that day has come and passed and all i can say is.  What a day it has been.  I attended the testing this morning which ran from Nine oclock in the morning until one oclock in the afternoon and consisted of eight candidates.  Five of which were my fellow classmates going for a range of different black belt grades.  

I woke up this morning next to my beautiful girlfriend and thought that this was a perfect way to start they day.  That if i did not for some reason pass the testing at least i would have gotten to wake up next to her.  The testing all brutal honesty...the most difficult physical event i have ever had to put myself through.  Half an hour in to the four hour testing and my karate suit was ringing with sweat already.  Lovely right.  Well it gets worse as the sweat was ringing off me more and more with each passing second.  The pain i felt at various points in the testing is indescribable.  We were required to do two on one sparring with two people attacking a blindfolded opponent.  I unfortunately had to do this ( My fight was the last one of the event so i was lucky ) and in this fight i was brutally destroyed by my own friends, knocked to the floor and almost put unconscious several times.  

But anyway that is just one aspect of the testing.  Another aspect is that in order for me to pass i not only had to demonstrate the standards required of me but also act as a leader ( As i was the most senior grade out of all of the candidates today ) By doing this i was the one who motivated and pushed the rest of the testers through the day encouraging them to do their best when they were lagging behind.  unfortunately though it would seem that at some points i could not follow my own advice as i found myself being unable to push through walls without the motivation of others behind me.  

At the end of the testing i honestly thought that i had failed.  My mum and my girlfriend were standing looking at me but i could not bring myself to look at them as i honestly felt that if i had failed i would be too ashamed.  Surprisingly though this was not the case and my instructor called me forward in order to present me with the rank of Third Dan Black Belt in the art of Tang Soo Do.  Not only is this an immense achievement for anyone  to accomplish but this is one of the things i never thought would have been possible for me.  I always knew i would make it to second dan but never did i think i would make it to third.  The waves of happiness, pride, joy, exhaustion and relief that i felt as i walked up to the panel, shook the hands of all nine judges and then wrapped my temporary new belt around my waist was incredible.  Why is it only a temporary belt you may ask?.  Well guys the story is that i had the chance to either be given a brand new belt with the three gold stripes on it or i could continue to wear the same belt that i have been wearing for two and a half years now, have it shipped off to get the third gold stripe on it and then wear it for another potentially five years before i am ready to go and test for my masters grade.  So i decided to keep my belt ( Just because i am a sentimental kind of guy.)

Once again guys i have no words to describe just how happy and proud of myself and all my other team mates i am.  Inverness Tang Soo Do keeps on getting stronger and stronger as we continue to introduce more and more black belts into our ranks and even more second and third dans as well.  I am now away to collapse and watch Dawn of The Planet of The Apes.  

Ciao guys
Good afternoon my fellow deviants.  Today i went out and bought myself a 32gb Ipad mini 2.  absolutely loving it already, just set it up and about to add a bunch of music and apps to it and enjoy fiddling around with it for the rest of the day before i go to training.  If anyone knows of any decent apps then feel free to comment and let me know.  


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Rhys Davies
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
hey guys. im an artistic student who mainly focuses on sketches and designs. im an insane character. anyone on here that has met me will verify that ha ha ha ha. im very keen on my art and often create emotional pieces

im into heavy metal such as slipknot , slayer , upon a burning body , as i lay dying and five finger death punch. i like horrors such as grave encounters and paranormal activity. i play manhunt occasionally which is a great game to play at night as it tests your senses and running and hiding skills.

when im drawing i like to listen to music so that i can zone out of the world and concentrate more on what i am drawing.

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